Shared Custody, preferring Father. 6year old daughter.

Courtney - posted on 01/06/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My Daughter is 6 years old, I love her more than anything and everything I do is for her. Since her dad and I split about 2 years ago, I feel like I've lost her, our bond, our relationship. Her dad is now with someone new, which is great, shes good to my daughter, she has 2 kids and they just had a baby not long ago. I've tried everything, doing stuff she likes to do, doing crafts, taking her to do things, mommy daughter dates... etc. NOTHING is helping. If she is asked to draw her family in school, she draws her dad, his girlfriend, herself and the 3 other kids, she always wants to be there, she always gets mad when its time to come to my house, and it literally just breaks my heart. Her father was still very imature when we were together, cheating, abusive when drinking, walking in and out of our lives, would never help.... and I left for all those reasons, I refrained from letting our daughter see all that or know what he did and took the fall for the separation. He took everything from me, I lost our home, all my stuff etc. I got a job and started over completely from scratch, I was the one who was consistent in her life, I was the one who took responsibility when I found out we were pregnant, I was 16, mind you... and I finally got out of that god awful relationship and this little being I've devoted my entire life too, prefers her father and wants absolutely nothing to do with me.... someone please HELP.

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