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ok i just moved my family to a new house its in the country to be by our friends with kids so our kids had someone nice to play with and now that were here our friends kids well 2 of them are so mean the little boy pushes my baby down she is 21 months old he is 4 and he pushes her down to take things from her anything she has and our friends 7 year old is really mean all the time always telling my 4 year old she dosent want to play with her takes my daughters toys from her and refuses to admit her wrongs her father is never around to see this and when he dose see this he dose nothing to correct his kids action when my kids are mean or naughty they get in trouble and i dont think its fair to my kids to always get in to trouble when these kids arent getting in touble how do i handle this i treid to talk to the father but he refuses to do nothing about his kids HELP IM SCARED OUR FRIENDSHIP IS GONNA END IF I DONT FIND A WAY TO HANDLE THIS SITUATION FAST


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I would limit the time they spend together, and also treat all the kids the same. Like if the boy pushes the toddler, somebody needs to tell him not to do it, and it might as well be you. Not to the point of timeouts or spanking, but you can tell him that if he does that, he's not allowed to come over again until tomorrow, or he's not allowed to touch certain toys that the toddler always plays with, etc.

I have friends with rowdy kids, too. My son is two, and their kids are 2, 4, and 6. They're much rougher and more disobedient than I want my son to be exposed to, but I see them once or twice a week because we're friends with their parents. I've taught my son to say NO and push his hand out in front of him when the 3y.o. won't stop kissing him and knocking him down with hugs (she likes him, just she has trouble being gentle) and have told her that when he does that she shouldn't touch him, and I also keep them in range of sight. I also react strongly when he hits the 2yo, even if she started it. I don't care if it's not fair that he gets punished and she doesn't, he's my son and I don't want him hitting! I also tell the oldest to give him space.

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