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Natalia - posted on 03/25/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




We have a 4 year old and a 19 month old who have until now slept in separate rooms. Our living arrrangements will be changing which means the kids will need to share a room. I am desperately seeking advice on how to make this transition as easy (for all partires) as possible.


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I spent the night with a friend when we were kids...her and her little sister shared a room. Their Dad had built a set of bookshelves right down the center of the room...almost dividing the room in half. This gave each girl privacy and shelves for storage. The bookshelves ran from the wall opposite of the door almost all the way across the room to the door.
My suggestion is 'turn' the room into two...and act like it's normal. Lots of excitement about their "NEW" rooms...let them be a part of the 'decorating'. I think maybe if you let the kids be involved in the actual moving of THEIR stuff...they will have a better understanding of what is happening.

Medic - posted on 03/25/2011




Our 4 year old boy and 14 month old daughter share a room at my sons request and they do GREAT!! I actually love it. They wake up in the morning and have eachother to play with and at night we just put the baby down 30 min before the older one and it works really well.

Bonnie - posted on 03/25/2011




It might be a problem at first as they may want to wake eachother up and play, but if you enforce it and tell them they have to stay in their beds, etc., eventually it will be fine.

Louise - posted on 03/25/2011




I think this will be a bumpy ride as a four year old is easily excited and will keep the younger one awake. I would get them both involved with decorating there room if you can and start telling them that they are going to be big boys/girls and sleep in the same room. if you know that there is going to be alot of jumping in and out of bed for the first week or so then you can deal with this. Eventually the novelty will wear off.

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