Shaving legs. How old should your girl be before you allow her to shave?

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My daughter is 9 and has been wanting to shave her legs for over a year now. Her legs are hairy and now they are starting to turn darker (the hair) would it be okay to let her shave? Kids seem to be developing faster these days. I just want to be a good mom any advice?


Tara - posted on 08/08/2011




Neither of my girls is old enough for this yet, but my personal experience with what my mom did was this - when I was old enough that it bothered me on a personal level, then I was allowed to shave.

I hit puberty early, had my body hair (legs/pubic) starting at 9 and was a DD by 11, so my mom took how I felt about it into consideration and I was allowed to start shaving my legs/underarms when I asked at 11. It didn't really bother me before kids at school started teasing me about it, which is why I didn't start until I was 11.

It sounds like your daughter is finding her hair a concern personally, and honestly, kids can be nasty so she may be hearing things from kids she sees at school that she is keeping to herself.

I don't see where it would hurt her to start shaving her legs if she really wants to. She's old enough to understand about the safety concerns with a razor, so that shouldn't be an issue for you.


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Richanne678 - posted on 05/19/2014




i think you should let her shave her legs because when she wants to wear a short or a dress like my daughter says they wont be laughing at her because she has monkey at 9 and up you should let them shave.

hope it help ........ :)

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