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Heather - posted on 03/22/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son will be 10 months on the 27 and from the day he came home from the hospital he has been in his own room which is directly across from ours. He has always been a great sleeper, Has slept 10-12 hours since around 11 weeks. Lately it seems he is being disturbed more by little sounds we make. The biggest is the fact he shares a wall with the bathroom and since my husband has chrones he uses the bathroom a few times a night and I noticed the flushing of the toilet and running water from the sink disturb him ( I have a video monitor so I see him fidget) his room in on the road side also and we have quite a bit of traffic. And the garbage trucks come around 4 am once a week this woke him this morn. Normally he resettles but this morn he didnt and after an hour and a half of him trying ( he wasnt crying) he finally started crying and the day began at 545 norm is my question is. We have another bedroom upstairs which I know would be quiter and away from the bathroom and the road. Should I move him upstairs? My husband and I would have to be downstairs. I feel like I cant protect him as easily if he is on another floor. i have a video monitor so i can see him but I just dont kno what to do. so I was wondering how it works for others as I know that there are homes where the babies and parents are on different floors. If your babies are on another floor is it by choice or the only option? I dont know if my feling nervous is lagit or just being over protective of my first and only baby. Reccomendations are needed. thanks ladies!!!!!


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Louise - posted on 03/22/2011




I think if you have a video monitor then whats the problem you can see him at all times. This is no difference from being a room away. if you think it would help him sleep then I would put him upstairs. You being a few feet or a floor away will make absolutely no difference. It is all down to your preferance in the end. My sons were both the other side of the house when they were born and we only had a monitor with no video then. At the end of the day will your son not end up upstairs when another brother or sister comes along! Move him and see how you feel.

Carolyn - posted on 03/22/2011




I purposely made as much noise as i could while Logan had naps etc ( without banging pots and pans , screaming etc ) but I vacuumed, played music, ran the laundry ( just outside his room) etc so that we didnt have to worry about noise waking him.

If he is not waking to every bump in the night, I personally wouldnt move him. He may have just not been having a very good sleep and thats why the trucks woke him.

i personally dont find it a huge issue if my little guy fidgets when we use the bathroom ( also sharing a wall with his room).

I have seen what absolutely silence can do , it can make a very light sleeper who is awakened by the slightest noise.

for me, if he isnt waking up to the toilet, or regularly to the garbage trucks, i wouldnt move him. I would also have to put him on a different floor across the house, and at almost 10 months, i wouldnt be comfortable. If someone broke in, we wouldnt be able to get to him, if there was a fire, we litterally have to walk through the entire house , across both floors to get to him ( damn the layout of this house ! )

im going to have to add a split level addition before we have more kids so we can be close enough.

Audrey - posted on 03/22/2011




well, we have all the bedrooms upstairs so i dont know what what it would be like to sleep on a doifferent floor than them but when they take naps im downstairs and they are up and it doesnt bother me. if i was you, since you have a video monitor, i would try putting your little one upstairs for the sake of less disturbed sleep. try it and if you dont like it put him back in his downstairs room. you also might try Eclipse curtains in his room. they block light and sound. also try the fan or white noise as was earlier suggested. when my son was little like yours, he slept with Alan Jackson's "red on a rose" cd. it was always on repeat and he loved it.

Bonnie - posted on 03/22/2011




There are some parents who are okay with being on a different level than their children. If you are comfortable with it then try it. You might decide that it doesn't work for you and have to move him back.

Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable with my kids being on a different floor, but I also never tried it, so I truly don't know if it would be something I could get used to.

Gwen - posted on 03/22/2011




I don't like being on a different floor of the house from the kids. I'm especially nervous about not being able to get them out in case of fire.

Can you just trade rooms with him, or is your room equally noisy? You could try a white noise machine or fan in his room to cover some of the disruptive sounds.

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