short in credits to graduate high school

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My son might not be able to graduate High school, he is short 5 credits. He had some problems of socialization throughout high school. This year he went back to school, and it is not easy for him to be in a classroom environment but he is trying to overcome it. This is his Senior year, and he is short 5 credits to graduate. Does any one know how to get credits besides his school to be able to graduate this coming June? We reside in New Jersey. Thank you.


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Cecilia - posted on 12/11/2013




I do know it varies from state to state. I know in NY they can get two types of diplomas. A regents and a local. Regents is a full graduation. Local means they did well enough to be accepted by a local community college.

I would contact the school in your case and ask them what can be done. Maybe summer school would work ( depends on which classes he needs.) Some will allow them to catch up on credits using the local community colleges. English 101 is an example of a class they would allow you use to catch up the high school work. You would be paying for the class of course.

The truth is only your school district would know what is available for you. If he has an IEP in place the best thing would be to ask for a CSE meeting.

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Check with your son's counselor at school. There may be some credit that he can pick up at a local community college to fulfill the graduation requirements. But, he may not be able to do so by June. The sooner you start to check, the better you'll be.

I know that my son would have been short one course, but was able to take it at the local CC and have that credit used towards his HS diploma

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