Should 17 year old girl travel by plane out of state with boyfriend

Jodie - posted on 03/29/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 17 year old daughter's boyfriend has asked us to allow our daughter to fly with him to another state to visit his grandparents for four days. After repeated attempts to get more details I decided to call the boyfriend's mom & ask for the address where the kids would be staying, phone number & grandparents' names. I was planning to give the grandparents a call to discuss the specifics of the visit since I've never met these people. Unfortunately, the boyfriend's mom became very defensive & suggested that because of my husband's former career in law enforcement we were probably going to do a background check on the grandparents. That wasn't our intention at all, but red flags did go up. Should I press for more info or just say, "No," to the trip?


Ev - posted on 03/29/2016




I would be leary in this day and time to allow an under age kid go anywhere with people I did not know especially if the parents of said kid would not divulge anything like the information you asked for about address, phone numbers and names. What happens if an emergency arose not with her but maybe back at home with you or her dad--you would never get a hold of her. Also asking for that information should be a given when this kind of thing is asked. His parents should know better that it is for safety and for your piece of mind.

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I would say no. If she wants to go that bad she can wait til she's 18.

Raye - posted on 03/29/2016




If your gut says no, then say no. I will give one piece of advice about if you say yes... research legalities of someone else taking your underage child out of state. I'm not sure if it still works this way, but years ago my sister's 16 y/o boyfriend came with us on an out of state trip and my mom requested the BF's father write a note giving my mom permission to take him (being a minor) across state lines and that my mom was temporary guardian. Well, on the way back, there was a car accident, and the BF was injured. The letter allowed the BF to be checked out at the local hospital under my mom's supervision (they did still attempt to call his dad). He was treated immediately for concussion instead of having to wait until we arrived back in our home state. God forbid anything bad would happen, but just in case it's good to be prepared.


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