Should children have to work for hours after school Different views with boyfriend. Causing conflicted

Roxanne - posted on 03/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was with my boyfriend and lived with him but than we broke up because of my kids we have different views on how to raise kids. We stayed friends on and off and now we are been trying to make it work but we agree we could never move back in together because of the kids. I have a 17 son and 16 daughter and for the most part the are good children we agree on this but he thinks that they should work for hours after school doing chores. The usually do their chore i have for them. Like shovel my daughter didn't shovel good enough for him so he thought i should make her get out their and shovel more but its all packed done,so he thinks she should get a flat shovel and chop it all out to the driveway but i think its good. So he just got up and left and says he cant handle this and I just let him go because i don't know if i what to deal with it. Otherwise we get along great and love spending time with each other but it always comes down with me not making the kids work hard enough. Should I just say good bye or how to work it out. He don't seem to what to change but says I have good children Im confused!


Jodi - posted on 03/20/2013




What do you mean by hours? My kids both do chores after school, they have homework, and my 15 year old has a job two nights a week and one day on the weekend. I see no harm in kids having to pull their weight.

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