Should I allow my 13yr old daughter a facebook profile?


Shaz - posted on 08/16/2011




depends on why she wants it. what kinda kid she is and whether she will allow you to see her wall.

i dont think kids in general should be on there but if shes not to the type to hide stuff and she gives you access to her fb it could be considered. but youd have to lay down some heavy ground rules and explain that she needs to be careful what she posts etc

Dana - posted on 08/17/2011




I agree with the other post - it really depends on why she wants one as well as her level of maturity and understanding about the dangers of the internet. I allowed my daughter to have a Facebook at 13 after a lengthy discussion about internet safety and only with the following rules:
1) Her father and I were her first friends
2) I know the password to her account and we have the understanding that I can sign-on to her account and check her messages, etc at any time
3) If I see anything that she posted on Facebook that I think is inappropriate, it will be deleted immediately
4) If I see any of her friends post anything inappropriate, I will contact their parents and if it is bad enough, she will unfriend them immediately
We have had very few issues and most of them she has handled herself - she just recently unfriended someone who was constantly using foul language which my daughter does not like. As it turns out, many of her friends have friended me as well so I feel comfortable with her having a page - she is now 14.


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Alice - posted on 02/11/2014




I know how it feels to be over protective but face it your daughters growing up and if you trust her your should let her have Facebook.

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