Should I allow my daughter to visit her sister in jail?

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Her older sister who is 22 years old is currently in jail and her official release will be next year. I was wondering if I should allow my other daughter who is 17 to visit her. She said she would like to visit but I am not sure if it is a good idea. I am not sure if I want her to be inside a jail environment. I also hear it is a hassle to get in and you don't even get much time to even speak. Also seeing her sister in jail might be a bad image or influence or maybe even make her want to join her in some weird way. If I do take her what should I say to her beforehand?


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At 17 I think I would let it be her choice. Find out everything that would be involved in her going to visit and talk it out with her... and let her make that choice for herself.


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YES! It might scare the pants off her, and also your daughter needs to know that she will have family support no matter what... Although it does sound as if you have not visited your older daughter yourself? At 17, she is old enough to go herself if you do not take her. Wouldn't you rather be with her at what will be a difficult time?
I went to jail at 18, the only thing that kept me from getting very depressed was mail time and looking forward to visits each week. I am guessing your oldest daughter would probably appreciate it more than you could ever know. And no, I am not a lifelong criminal, one stint was enough enough for Me,I am now an upstanding member of the community, he'll, I was even a freaking girl guide for a while! Lol. So support your daughter to support her sister, you won't regret it.

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I was first going to ask your younger daughter's age but you said it in the beginning. She is old enough to say if she wants to go or not. She needs to see her sister then let her. She is still influenced by life even after leaving home so do not use influence as an excuse to not take her or else she will find her own way to go. Its not a bad idea to let her see what life is like in other places. Once, when I was in seventh grade, we were doing a class project and as part of that project we got to go see the county jail. Now it was scary for us to go visit the inside of a jail at the age of 12/13. What we saw was awful. The people there were scary and I think made the right on impression on us as a place we did not want to end up going. But this is her sister here. She needs as much support as she can get no matter what she has done to go to jail.

Before you take her, just try to the best of your ability to tell her what she will encounter.

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It sounds like you have not even visited your OWN daughter in jail. Yeah I would let her visit, hell go with her.

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