should I attend my nieces communion even though my parents and sister have ignored and treated me and own family very badly over the last year?


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Jodi - posted on 01/10/2015




Well, do you want to punish the children for the sins of the parents? Because that wouldn't really be the mature way to go about it. You can make your point without punishing your niece by making your non-attendance obvious.

Shell - posted on 01/10/2015




Evelyn - over 9 months ago my sister (who is a single mum of 2 and lives at home with our parents) arrived at my front door very angry and informed my husband and I that she or my parents couldn't mind my kids after school because of my bad attitude and to make alternate arrangements. I was so shocked and upset by the way she was acting because they promised to my our 2 kidz when I went back to work and only gave us 12 hrs notice to make alternative arrangements. I was severely traumatised by their behaviour and my kids heard and saw the entire incident. I tried to phone my parents but they ignored my calls. I tried to understand what caused this to happen but I then remembered, a week earlier I noticed that my parents were playing favourites with my sister's kids and never thought of inviting my kids so I asked my parents and sister the reasons why my kids weren't invited or why should they be treated any differently.
I was shown the door because for once in my life I voiced my opinion which they didn't like. So for 8-9 months me and my own family have been shuned and ignored by my parents and sister. My dad even passed my daughter in a shop without speaking to her. Lots more has occurred over the last few months but out of the blue today I received a text message to ask if we can attend my nieces communion in june. I think it was only a invite so she tell the father of her kids that at least we were invited and my family is all show in a public place. I'm feeling anxious about it all. ....I've cried myself to sleep over this . But my parents and sister have never apologised for anything and if we meet. ...They will act as though nothing happened. But I can't forget or forgive their behaviour and treatment to my own family. What should I do. ....accept the invite or leave well alone?

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