Should i be giving my 10 month old more foods??

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I have alot of people on my back telling me i need to give my son regular food off my plate. He still drinks formula, he eats gerbers and baby yogurts. I hate when people tell me he's skinny because i don't feed him grown up food already..but i think he's just growing, my son is going to be a tall one :) He is taller than some of my friends 2 year olds, i think thats why he's a slim baby. N-E who im rambling just would appreciate to know some 10 month old appropriate foods


Sarah - posted on 04/22/2013




First things first, its your child, so you do what you feel is best for your child! If the doctor is not worried about his weight, then you are fine. Yes, I was feeding my child small things off my plate at that age, but everyone is different. If you are comfortable with sticking to the gerber foods, that's fine. Gerber has a HUGE selection, so as long as its age appropriate, and that's what he likes, that's fine. If he has teeth, it is my suggestion if you are not already, to get the Gerber snacks that he can gum on so he learns the action of chewing, but other than that, don't stress. He should still be on formula until he is a year old, so you are fine there too. I flipped when my mother in law tried to force me to start giving my son whole milk at 6 has an opinion, so don't worry about it, just do you :)


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