Should I be okay with introducing my 7 year old son to his half brother? (There is more to it)

Kaitlyn - posted on 08/15/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Should I be okay with introducing my 7 year old son to his half brother who is now 3 I believe?? It isn't so cut and dry and I know this sounds terrible, but it is what it is now... I was with my son's father for 5 years when we took a bit of a break. During that break he impregnated a girl. He didn't tell me until we were back together again that she was pregnant. He chose, against my advice, to not be a part of his other child's life for the first 2 years, and now changed his mind recently, so there was no need to introduce our son to his other son until now. Now my EX and his mother, are bugging me about introducing the two boys. I am terrified to do so and I am terrified that it will totally mess up my son. His father barely has anything to do with both of the boys, more with our son than his other son. My son is a very smart kid and will put things together and I am sure have a thousand and one questions. I'm just not sure if the introduction should take place now, when he is older or never. Another twist, is the mother of my EX's other child was my son's daycare teacher for a couple months, and my son knows her and her child. Such a messed up situation! Any advice would be great!! Thank you Mom's because I am at a loss!!


Chaya - posted on 08/15/2012




Yes,you shouild, they need to have a relationship with each other, they will need to rely on each other throughout life.
I have siblings I've never met, every few years I meet one. It's not fair that I have to start a relationship with them or choose not to. I should have been in their lives all along.


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