Should I be trying harder to encourage my 8 month old to eat solids?

Sheri - posted on 10/02/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 8 months old and refuses to eat solids (she usually makes a face and fake gags if I bring a spoon even close to her mouth). I started her on rice cereal at 5 months and she did great. Moved on to oatmeal for a week before she turned 6 months and she did great. Introduced homemade pureed sweet potato with breast milk at 6 months and she appeared to love it. Ate it great for 3 days (then has a massive disgusting solid orange poop). I tried to feed it to her the 4th day and she refused. Next I tried avocado and she refused, then carrots, she refused. I then tried to go back to oatmeal and she refused. I finally switched to fruits to see if she wanted something sweeter and sometimes she'll take 2 bites of banana. But that's it.

She will occasionally eat a puff or one of Gerber's finger foods for crawlers but rarely. She is primarily breastfed but does have one 8 oz bottle of Nutramigen formula before she goes to bed (she sleeps through the night). Should I be trying harder to encourage her eat solids? She just doesn't seem interested in purees but will grab food off my plate and "taste" it but won't actually eat it.


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Dove - posted on 10/02/2012




Typically speaking breast milk is all a child needs for the first year. Offer her bits of food like she grabs off of your plate and let her eat or not eat it as she chooses. She'll be fine and WILL eat when she is ready. Food before one is just for fun... it's a learning experience not 'needed' for the nutritional or caloric value at this point.

Ariana - posted on 10/02/2012




I wouldn't worry to much at 8 months. Do you still feed her rice cereal? I used to feed my son rice cereal for breakfast to make sure he was getting enough food because sometimes he would 'gag' and not eat food either. I would try to find some food she likes and keep feeding her that and just introduce new foods (one at a time, of course).

If you are really concerned contact her doctor, but I wouldn't worry to much about it just yet.

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