should i be worried about my babies weight?

Claire - posted on 05/14/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




at birth my son weighed 6lb 12ozs, he is now 15weeks and weighs 11lb 11ozs which is in the 3rd percentile. the health visitor says hes doing well but his doctor wants to keep an eye on his weight. he is breastfed and i've read that breastfed babies dont gain as much as formula fed so should i be worried or not?


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April - posted on 05/15/2010




i agree with shouldn't be worried as long as your babe has enough wet diapers (6 to 8 a day). and not to be mean, but formula fed babies can tend to be overweight!! keep bfing and don't let anyone discourage you!

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My daughter was only 12 lbs at 4 months which was the 5th percentile. She was breastfed. My doc said no worries, just keep feeding her on both breasts when she's hungry. I wasn't worried because she slept well and had about 8 wet diapers a day.

Alissa - posted on 05/14/2010




As long as he checks out healthly by the doc, I don't think you have anything to worry about. My little one was the same and is still in the 3rd percentile for weight. She is going to be 2 next month and weighs about 22lbs. Her doc says she is healthly, she eats ALLOT! and that she just has a higher metabolism and to keep her on whole milk.

I hope they aren't giving you crap about not producing enough Bfing. The first few docs I saw gave me that spheel! I knew I was though because I had to pump for her since she had a lazy latch. Anyhow I could pump 4 times a day and net 32 oz, which was more than she was eating in a day.

Also as long as your little one is having 6 to 8 wet dipes and I think they say 2 to 4 stools that is a sign he is alright. Good Luck to you and if your baby is eating healthly I am sure you are fine. Remember you can always switch docs.

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I agree just keep an eye on him but if everything else is fine don't worry too much. We are having the opposite problem with our daughter who is also breastfed from her 2 week check-up to the one month she gained 3 lbs and shot into the 90th percentile.

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Some doctors still use weight charts based on formula-fed babies. Generally, breastfed babies don't weigh as much as formula-fed babies. My babies were all over 8lb but didn't
put much weight on - their weight gains were always irregular, and sometimes they dropped off the bottom of the chart! They are now healthy, but small, young women.

If your baby is having 6-8 wet nappies a day, and some pooey nappies, and seems content, he's probably getting plenty of milk.

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Check out the general growth guide lines here:

This means that your doctor is expecting your son to weigh at least 13lb 8oz (double his birth weight) by the time he is 5 months old. That is considered a normal milestone that most babies hit, if your son does not it could be a sign something is wrong...or it could just be that small babies run in your family (were you or your husband small or skinny?) or your baby is super active (crying, kicking, rolling over, arm waving). My sister in law only weighed 15 pounds at a year...the Dr's would have been concerned but she hit all of her other developmental milestones and could walk and talk.

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Is he healthy and progressing otherwise? Is he meeting other developmental milestones? Remember the charts show averages, not all babies confirm to the normal average. Follow your gut instinct, do you feel that he is overly agitated and upset or overly quiet and lethargic or does he seem his normal self? If you are concerned continue to seek medical advice, but remember you know your child best. Don't be preassured to switch to the bottle just because of weight issues, there are lots of indicators of a healthy baby besides being a big fat chubby baby! Perhaps your son, like mine is just lean!

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My baby was 6lbs 50z and 12lbs at just a little over 12weeks and up to 8 months she only gained 4lbs and my doctor was saying she was under at this point but from 8 mths to now at 16 mths shes gained 6lbs and is 22lbs.The said shes back on track i didnt b/f after the first week and she was up and down.She can take a spurt and gain a bit more by the next time so dont worry for now and with the doctor keeping an eye on her is a good thing.My 16 mth old is now 22lbs and shes actually lost the little bit of baby fat she had so she could be less now and shes 76cm tall.Small but i am at 4foot 11 and of small build.

Jodi - posted on 05/14/2010




Definitely keep an eye on him. He has dropped weight on the charts because he wasn't born 3rd percentile, so that is why the doctor wants to watch how he is doing. Don't worry too much, but I can understand why you doctor wants to keep an eye on his weight a little more closely.

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