Should i call his dr or not???

Amber - posted on 03/20/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




Ok my lil man 17 months old has a total of 4 teeth 2 of which are molars. Well off and on going on the 3rd day today he has been running a fever of 102 and then it goes down for a little while and goes back up. He is eating his usual ways , he hasnt completly stopped eating, I have been giving him tylenol and motrin every 4-5 hours, he has been having some runny diapers but not many.

Could it be that he is teething or what? I am worried about his temp.... Tell me ur opinion? Should i call the dr nurse or wait and just see how he changes or not?


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to me it sounds like teething but you can always call the hospital to see if they are worried about his temp or anything i know how the molars are my 16 month old got his top two last weekend and i think his bottom are coming in this weekend if you have one of those mess bags you can put food or something in i suggest putting some ice in there we just got one finally (our walmart store never had any until now) and last night my son was fussy so i put ice in it and he loved it and was quiet good luck but it wouldnt hurt to call and make sure no one else is worried also

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My 17 month old has been sick a lot since he was born. A virus will cause a temp(at least in my child) of 103 or higher. Teething causes his temp to go up to about 102.8. My childrens doctor told me not to worry unless it got over 103. But then again every child is different. Some children hardly ever get temps and others (like my baby) have temps a lot. If the fever has been going for 3 days or longer you really should call a nurses line or go to your doctor.

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you should always call your doc if you don't feel comfortable with your child's health. easy as that :)

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Teething does not cause a baby to have a temp. I don;t think it would hurt to err on the side of caution and have your little one checked out by the doctor given that he has been running a fever and has diarrhea.

Shannon - posted on 03/20/2010




Teething may cause a low grade fever, but if the fever is over 101, it is usually due to something else. Also, runny diapers are to be expected with teething to some degree due to the extra saliva, but if the diapers are more than a little runny, or smell funky, it is likely a virus. Doctors will tell you - if a fever is lasting three days (with an older baby) it's best to call.

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I would call the dr just to be on the safe side. It could be teething or it could be something else. You never know. The best thing to do is to get a dr's opinion

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Definatley call a Dr,...but definatley sounds like teething,,,never can be to safe.

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It sounds like he is just teething. Diarrhea and a fever are common with teething and should pass once the teeth breakthrough. However, if you are still worried, you son starts not eating or drinking, or you are unable to get and keep his fever under control it is definitely time to call his pediatrician. Pediatricians are use to phone calls from worried parents so even in the present state of things if you still feel uncomfortable about whether or not this is normal it is okay to check with his pediatrician trust me the doc won't hold it against you.

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I'd call the doctor just to make sure. If he's teething and that's the reason for the fever (and it sound like it is), he may need a CBC to make sure he doesn't have an infection because 102 is pretty high, even if it is going away.

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I say call your doctor. whenever I was in doubt, i just called. maybe it was nothing but I felt better getting a professional opinion.

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With teething the temp does not go above 101. 102 is a concern, and you should call the doctor.

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My daughter ran a fever for 5 days. She had no other symptoms other than the fever. Was still active and happy. I called the nurse and she said as long as it was under 105 than not to go to the dr. A fever is the body's way of fighting off viruses and anything under 105 in considered benficial. On the 3rd day it got to 104.4 and I freaked and took her to the hospital at 4:30 am. They checked her out, gave her advil and sent us home to keep an eye on it. He thought it was Roseola and that it would break in another few days and then a rash would appear (not contageous). Anyways, fever broke, no rash!!

So basically use your own judgement. my daughter is my first and is never sick so i worried. Even though they will probably just send you home, peace of mind is worth alot.

Jen - posted on 03/20/2010




i would definley call your doc a fever tht high should never be left unnoticed. it might be a viris it dnt mean it could be his teeth.

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