Should I contact my 16 year old daughter's boyfriend's mother and find out why her son broke up with her?


Sarah - posted on 02/03/2015




So agrees with Raye. Not a thing to get in the middle of. She is 16.....there will be more to come and really there probably should be. It is rare that at 16 you meet your life long partner (even though every 16 yr old girl things so at the time). You live and learn and this is something she needs to learn how to get through. You also don't want to be in the middle and have that be a red mark on her.....
no other boy will even think of asking her out as she will be known as the girl that has her parents handle her issues.

Raye - posted on 02/03/2015




No. Stay out of it. She's 16, she's probably going to have more break-ups. She should learn how to deal with them.


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Gena - posted on 02/04/2015




Only 3 days?? I agree with the others..No dont get involved. Havent we all had a first love and been heartbroken? We all survived..

I - posted on 02/04/2015




He was 18. They only lasted 3 days. She has informed me that he used her and then dumped her. She was naive and this was her first boyfriend. He promised the world to her and then just said it was over. She posted pictures on facebook of them holding hands and made comments of how happy she was, and that she has never been so happy in her life. She has been crying for a couple of days now. I don't know what to do. He told her he loved her and were making plans for the future. I told her she was too young and I actually did not want her to take this boy too seriously. I believe there is more to the story, she does not want to tell me.

Amnah - posted on 02/03/2015




I agree with everyone here. But I totally understand your feeling to protect your daughters feelings. You must be such a wonderful caring parent. Hang in there. Hugs

~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/03/2015




NO! That is HER business. Be her shoulder to cry on. If you call, you will open up an embarrassing can of worms. Word will spread, she will get teased relentlessly, and probably not have another boyfriend.

Love hurts. Break ups are hard. All she needs from you is an understanding and caring momma. Not crazy momma bear out on attack, calling up this boys mom and finding out why. You will look insane.

Jodi - posted on 02/03/2015




No. It is time to remove the bubble wrap and allow your daughter to figure it out herself. If she wants to know, she can ask. But as a mother, stay out of it. Be there as her shoulder to cry on and that's it.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/03/2015




Oh my. Should you really overstep that boundary? Absolutely not. It is NOT any of your business, really, why 2 16 year olds didn't last in a relationship, and if you call his really will be considered over the top.

Raye - posted on 02/03/2015




You're right Sarah. When my mom was a kid, my grandmother called the school to check up on a boy that asked my mom to a dance. He found out, did not take her to the dance, and nobody asked her out again after that. Parents should be involved in their kids lives to a point, but there are good ways to go about it and bad ways. This is definitely NOT good.

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