Should I Egg Donor? Or not? So torn.

Janet - posted on 10/28/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi, I am 47 years old, in basically good shape, and considering an Egg donor to conceive. I am so torn and losing sleep about whether I am doing the right thing. This is my story: My husband and I happily married 10 years ago but since then I have had fibroid tumor issues etc. (resulting in no pregnancy) which now have been resolved. The Doctor said I am good to go if I want to do egg donor (too old for other methods) but here is my situation..And my question to you.. My Husband and I both work full time. He has an income of only about $45,000 a year and mine is about $30,000 right now (of which I would need to give up). Bills are tight but we keep above water each month right now. I would need to quit working and stay home with the baby as we couldn't afford a daycare program in our area of New Jersey. I do not have any relatives or friends that could be baby sitters as so many people today are so lucky to have. All of my relatives that I am in contact with are older and have grown children. Sadly, I dont have any real friends, just co- workers..( As a side note, My Mom was always my best friend and all I ever needed. We were inseperable! She passed away 2 years ago which has left me broken hearted). My Husband is now my dearest friend to speak of. So this is why i ask for help. Is this the wrong environment to bring a child into. There would be no other children in my family to play with. They will have No grandparents(all deceased on either side). Parents (us) who will now be struggling somewhat financially and me, and older-than-everyone-else mother. Do you think I would do this child an injustice by having him/her? Other than the dearest Love I can give, I am wondering if I have anything else to offer this child-to-be. Their life might be boring.. I would try my best to make it wonderful but are we missing many of the things that make a childs life whole? The family unit is so small. If we dont have a child I feel it will be a long lonely existence for both myself and husband, . I am so sad and confused. Maybe someone has an opinion that might help me? Thanks for reading, Janet B.

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