Should I feel guilty for wanting to?

Kiki - posted on 11/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello all, just wanted to pose a question and get some feedback. DH and I have a wonderful 20 month old son and we are first time parents. I am not that young but still young enough to miss going out and hanging with the girls. I love my son and i love my dh but sometimes i just want be a girl, i know my babe is only almost 2 but there is a lot of testosterone running amuck. I want to go out, dance and have a little fun with the girls.

How often do you guys get time to yourselves and is it bad to want to go out while you have a kid? feedback advice and everything in between is welcome.


Cherrille - posted on 11/17/2012




well im only 21 but i go out on friends birthdays or just when i need a night away with the girls. im a single mum so im doing it 24 7 without a break. my daughters 9 months old and ive been out probably times. i dont want to leave her very often. but i look at it this way. i come back to her that night., and she gets to spend time with her grand parents that she doesnt always get to see so its the best of both worlds. im sure your husband would like a little alone time and quality time with your son. dont fee guilty we all want a little girl time and a break. do it while you still can. as long as your not leaving him every weekend i say go for it. once a month is good for you and even maybe your husband to just have a little break and give your son some space so he doesnt get too clingy

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