should I go for a third?

Nancy - posted on 06/24/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am confused about whether or not to have a third baby. My second has autism and I am scared that I may have another with autism. Does anyone have any advice?


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This is a decision that only you & your partner can make. So many factors to consider:
How old is kid #1 & 2?
How are your finances?
How severe or mild is kid #2's autism?
How are your patience now?
Do you enjoy pregnancy? Any complications?
Do you enjoy that newborn stage?
Would you need to upgrade your vehicle if you have a third?
Do you have a yearning, craving, heart-wrenching desire for another child?
Do you have 2 kids of the same gender and this is the reason for #3?
Are you worried that kid #1 won't ever have a "normal" sibling?
Did your partner express interest in more kids?
How excruitating was it to get a formal diagnosos for #2?
Willing to do that again for a potential #3?

Just throwing these questions out there. Welcome to CoM. Over the past few years, this is a common question here "Should I have more kids?" Honestly, a bunch of internet "strangers" will have 101 different opinions. Take the questioned I posed and discuss this with your partner. Best of luck to you!

Courtney - posted on 06/24/2011




That's a personal preference. If you have the patience for a child with autism then you'll probably have the patience for a third. Honestly tho, my third is the one who makes me crazy and life was so much easier with only two. Not that I don't love her or want her, it was just easier. You are the only one who can really make that decision tho, good luck!

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