Should I have an officer speak to my rebellious 12 year old??

Diana - posted on 07/02/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 12 year old daughter is being very rebellious and such a smart ass..she no longer wants to go out with us and says that I cant control her..She bullies her brother around a lot..Would it be a good idea to have a police officer speak to her..?? Please advise!!


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Kristi - posted on 07/03/2013




I agree with Jodi. However, many cities have scared straight programs for at-risk or troubled youth where the kids spend the day in jail. The corrections officers have complete control, the kids are completely safe but they get an up close and personal look at what their life will be like if they continue down the wrong path.

If you provide more details about the measures you've taken to correct her behavior, we might be able to be more helpful. There are a lot of moms with a lot of different experiences who could offer some great advice.

Jodi - posted on 07/03/2013




What have you already tried in the way of discipline and/or consequences? I certainly wouldn't go to the police at this point. They have better things to do than parent your child.

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