should I have pulled my daughters capped tooth?

Danielle - posted on 02/16/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter is 5 and has had her four front teeth her two bottem ones and four back ones top and bottom capped when she was 2years old. one day she came home from school and said she was eating an apple and her tooth got loose. I felt it told her we can wait till it got more loose and we can trg and pull it or give it time to see if it falls out by its self, she said lets wait, so a week went by and she tells me mom my tooth is more lose. I was looking at it moving it and I pulled it out. but now im worried if I shuld of done that because it was one of her capped teeth. il going to make her a dentist appointment just to be safe but should I have anything to worry about till then? what if all the tooth didnt come out?


Brian - posted on 02/16/2014




A capped baby tooth is common for bottle rot to prevent infection. Baby teeth do not have roots so it is common for the cap to fall out with the baby tooth.
Some medications can destroy the enamel on the baby teeth as well, and therefore a cap become necessary. Back teeth usually develop decay because parents stop helping their children brush their teeth.
You shouldn't have anything to worry about. Baby teeth generally start falling out around the age of 6 years old on average to make room for their primary teeth.
Just remember to encourage good dental hygiene and stress the need for her to brush her teeth.

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