Should I have son change Kindergarden Teacher?

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Recently, I attended a parent-teacher conference. Everyhing was going Great. She let me know that my son is doing great academically. He knows 30/35 sight words, knows all his sounds of letters except for 2, math is good etc... Then she started to let me know that she has tried everything to have him behave but "nothing" is working. Then continued in asking me " have you had him check?" First thing to pop in my mind was Wow it has not been 2 months in school and is talking about medicating him. I need someones opinion, I feel like this teacher wants a quick fix and does not to bother in try to help my son. I talked to my son hat night about he felt about school. Do you like your new school, your teacher or your friends. Once I said friends. he bursted in tears. He told me one girl is very mean to him and makes everyone else in class hate him. It broke my heart. All I said was he always has me to help, that I would write a letter to his teacher, which i did. If ttis does no help what can I do?


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Anaquita - posted on 10/19/2012




Checked for what? And what specifically does she mean by behaving?

As for the bullying, you need to make sure the teacher is aware it is going on, and see if you could work something out with her parents so as to resolve things. Don't come off as a seething angry mother, even if you are (and have some right to be) as then her parents will just shut down. But in a calmer manner.

Keep in mind, some kids don't understand when they're actually being bullied, or not. Some misinterpret things. I like the idea of popping in once in awhile and observing the class and what goes on.

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Moving him to another teacher doesn't actually solve anything. You need to tackle the "problem". I went through something similar in the beginning of my son's school year (pre-primary). You schedule a meeting with the teacher to discuss the issues you have. Get some clarification on what she feels the problems are and what she thinks should be done about them. You also need to bring up your son's friendships issue. You have to keep an open mind when going in to the meeting because your son's perception of events will be different to the teacher's. If you feel you need a third party there to make sure there are no misunderstandings, then suggest the principal or vice principal sit in on the meeting. Also realise that it will probably be a series of meetings and not just one meeting with a resolution. I have been doing this for my son since April and we are still trying to figure out the whys and wherefores. But doing it now will help set him up for success later on.

Holly - posted on 10/19/2012




you should ask the teacher specifically what she wants your son to do... but ALSO let her know about how broken up your child was about this girl who bullies him in class

Amanda - posted on 10/19/2012





Did you ask the teacher what she meant by 'behave'? It's important to know what she means. Maybe you use different phrases than she does, and if she were just to change her words, it might help. Additionally, have you thought about dropping in when she's not expecting you to watch her and your son't behavior? Have you and your son discussed how he should behave?

If none of this works, I would have a meeting with the teacher and the principal before any new steps are taken.


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