Should I hire a Doula?

Bryce - posted on 07/28/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




This is my first baby so I'm really nervous about Labor and such. I have my boyfriend and mother for support ... but from what I have heard about Doula's i think having one would be more helpful then having my mother or boyfriend around. Opinions or stories on what you thought about having a Doula did for you ? Is it worth it ?

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Julianne - posted on 12/26/2011




I have a VERY supportive husband, and I don't know what we would have done without our Doula during the birth of my first child. She brought my husband breakfast and helped him to support me during labor. She also took over when he was a little overwhelmed by it all. I had some minor complications and they were invaluable in that circumstance. We have hired a doula for this baby as well, we are in a different state, so could not use the same one as last time. Just interview several before you decide, so that you find a good match for you and your BF's personality and someone you are comfortable with. They are there to support you and your family before, during, and after birth... It is SO worth it!

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I didn't find it necessary, but if you are going to go without medication, then a doula would probably be beneficial for you. What I really needed was help after the baby was born, so if I had the money, I would have hired help for after the birth.

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I wish I would have had a doula with my first child. I had a very rough labor and delivery and since my husband was worried about me and our child's lives, he found it difficult to concentrate on the things he needed to do to help me. I think that if you can afford one, you should consider hiring one. Give one a call and see what type of service they provide and if you can afford it. Make sure you get one that is registered with DONA (Doulas of North America) if you are from Canada or the US. They are required to get training on a regular basis and to have a lot of training before they start seeing patients.

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Honey this is a TOTALLY personal decision. If you feel that having a Doula would be better for you than having your relatives then maybe start investigating / meeting a few Doulas in your area and see how you feel after talking to them. The thing is that you won't know how you feel during labour until it actally happens, it is so different for everyone so you can only make plans based on how you feel and what you believe is best for you now. Things might change when it actually happens & you might decide to kick everyone out. Who knows.

For me personally I only had my husband & my midwife as I didn't want to make a big deal out of the birth (I'm a get in, get it done, get out kind of girl) but honetly when things started happening I was so focused on what I was doing it wouldn't have mattered if I was totally alone or if there were 50 people in the room. After I gave birth I looked up & there were 2 doctors & another Midwife in the room as well as my Midwife & my husband & I had no idea where they had come from or how long they had been there.

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