Should I keep my baby?

Alana - posted on 05/04/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm 18 years old and would be a single mom. Im 13 ish weeks pregnant and pressured by alot of people to get an abortion. At first i wanted to keep my baby but with all these people saying I'm too young and to get an abortion I'm starting to feel like maybe its the best thing but I can feel my baby moving and I feel attached to it. So unsure on what to do :( adoption wouldnt be an option.


Julie - posted on 05/04/2013




My mother was 18 and single as well. Sitting in the waiting room for her abortion, she got up and left. Her own mother did not speak to her the first year of my life. But she has been a wonderful mother to me, and i am now a mother of two beautiful gifts as well. It was not easy for my mom though. she never became that nurse she wanted to be, she's been married and divorced twice. At 56 she found herself single for the first time in her life! When faced with life changing decisions I always say, "if your head and your heart can not agree, then go with your gut, and make it guilt free."


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/05/2013




You can do this. You can raise a child on your own. It does not sound to me like you want an abortion, and for people to tell you that you need to get one is completely rude. I am all about womens rights, but it is also a womens right to keep the baby. If you abort, it is something you can never take back. If you are attached to the baby, and you can feel it move, having an abortion may not be the right choice for you. Adoption is also an alternative that you can make a decision about later on during the pregnancy if you feel you are not ready to be a mother. Good luck hun. Don't let others dictate your decision. Where there is a will, there is a way. And if you want this baby, you will make it work.

Michelle - posted on 05/04/2013




Only you can make the decision. I personally couldn't abort but know a few people that have. It has to be your choice though. If you abort because everyone else said you should then you regret it later.

I believe that abortion should be used as an after the fact birth control. You were responsible enough to have sex so you are responsible enough to make sure you use protection. If you don't then you need to live with the consequences. You need to be responsible for your own choices in life.

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