Should I keep my Child from her biological family?

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5yrs ago had a daughter. Father was not in the picture and he never told his family about her. I'm the only one listed on the birth certificate.3yrs ago met a guy he took the role of dad and he is the only dad that she knows and same as his family and I told her bio. father that I did not want him in her life because I didn't want her to get hurt or confused especially if he decided to leave again like he did in the beginning. Now I get a call from her bio. father and he finally told his sister that she existed after 5 yrs of not knowing. Now she wants to meet her and wants to bring his mom with her. I don't know what to do should I let his sister and his mom meet her and risk him being brought into her life and confusing her or should I just keep them all out and that be it??????


Ev - posted on 09/18/2013




This is your child's paternal side of her family. No matter what you think or want to do, she does deserve to have a chance to know that side of her family. I know you have a new guy and he has invested time in her and you but he should also understand that her BIo Dad should also have a part in her life too. If you keep this from her and she finds out later about her bio family on dad's side, she will resent you for not letting her have this family too. You needed to have a court order set up for custody, support and visitation five years ago after she had been born.

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