should i leave my 13 yrs old son home by himself ?


Jodi - posted on 04/28/2011




Depends on how long and whether you trust him. My son is 13, and I have been leaving him home alone for brief periods since he was about 12. I am now happy to leave him for a couple of hours here and there. I've never yet left him at night, generally only during the daytime. He knows my mobile phone number by heart, so I am perfectly comfortable with it.


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Trishabenz - posted on 08/16/2011




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Jacklyn - posted on 05/01/2011




i was left home alone at 9 and started babysitting at 10 so it really all depends on the maturity of your child and how trustworthy he his... it would hurt to try a short amount of time and then slowly increase it as you see that he can handle being home alone without any problems

Shannintipton - posted on 04/29/2011




Its when they turn 16 you have a problem. JMO. And I dont mean all 16 year olds. {:+)

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i was home alone at 9. i think that it should be fine as long as they have common sense. just make sre to give them numbers to call just in case and tell them not to answer the phone (unless its you) or the door. in the beginning might want to just try it for a few hours at a time until u feel comfortable leaving him longer

Tinker1987 - posted on 04/28/2011




i was home alone at 11. i took a babysitters course when i was 12,so i think 13 would be fine if you trust your son and he has alot of common sense like turning the stove off if he cooked or anything!

[deleted account]

For how long? Do you trust him?

Most 13 year olds are fine to be home alone for a few/several hours. Depends on what you both are comfortable w/.....

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