Should I leave My 16 year old and my 12 year old home alone for 6 days?

Jane - posted on 06/28/2013 ( 7 moms have responded )




They are both good girls and know how to care for themselves in cooking, cleaning etc. They have stayed home alone before but only for a night. Their grandma lives like 2 houses away and we live in a great neighborhood and I trust my neighbors. They work well together and I would be able to Skype them on a nightly bases and can contact them by cell anytime. I would be 8 hours away.


Michelle - posted on 06/29/2013




The other ladies have said it all.
It's neglectful to leave your children for that long without adult supervision. Grandma can stay with them or they can go there. The other option is either to take them with you or stay home.

Kristi - posted on 06/29/2013




I agree with the others...if grandma is 2 houses away, shuffle on over or have her stay at your house. Even if your daughters only had one friend over and she somehow got hurt while there, you could be in deep doo-doo, or skip the of your daughters could get hurt and you could face legal consequences. (not to mention serious guilt)

Additionally, good girls make poor choices once in awhile, too. 6 days is an awful long period of temptation time. It only takes a minute for some "innocent" fun/experimentation with whatever, to turn disasterous. A friend of friend or a sister of a friend of a friend shows up and who knows who/what she brings with her and/or follows her. It doesn't matter how great your neighbors are, how nice your neighborhood is or that you just Skyped them 10 minutes kid takes one hit or one pill or drinks one 6-pack and 15 minutes later somebody is in the hospital or worse. That may sound dramatic and is likely the worst case scenario but don't ever think, "It won't happen to me."

Penny - posted on 06/28/2013




Uhhhhh No ... it doesn't matter how good they are, they are still children and 6 dsys is excessive. Why cant they stay at grandma's, or a few days grandma and a couple of days with friends. It's better to be safe than sorry :-)

Jodi - posted on 06/28/2013




Uh, no......if grandma lives two houses away, have them stay with grandma. Sorry, but unsupervised CHILDREN (which is what they are) for 6 days is neglectful. I don't care HOW good they are. You shouldn't even be leaving them (in particular the 12 year old) overnight.


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ROZENIA - posted on 07/01/2013




Nope not a good idea you might trust your neighbor but if they see your daughter home alone they wont be good neighbor no more. Then you would have serious problems and guilt

Sal - posted on 07/01/2013




No I don't think so either, I wouldn't leave my 6 yr old with my 18 yr old for 6days... Overnight in an emergency yes but not 6 nights when is be out of town.. I can't see why they can't spend time at your house but sleep at their grans

Ev - posted on 06/29/2013




I have to agree with the ladies here. Also in some states it is against the law to leave kids even at 16 alone for long periods of time like that so there might be the legal end to deal with and your kids might wind up taken from you if anyone thought to call it to Family Services. One night for a 16 year old at an odd time might not be too bad but adding a 12 year old and 6 days to it is quite excessive in time away from you. And as they said, it takes only one little idea to turn into disaster.

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