Should I let him see his son after he put hands on me?

Britney - posted on 03/28/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My bf left 2 weeks ago. He said he was fed up and we argued too much. However, we had just gotten an apartment for our family. We have a 7 month old together. Him and his parents picked up his stuff and at that point I knew it was over. He never addresses any of my texts regarding "why" all he asks is "how's my son" I was left picking up the pieces and blaming myself I guess for him leaving. I am allowing him to see his son in our apartment, because his parents smoke weed and drink all the time and my son has a syndrome and I don't want him in that environment. However, when he did come see his son we argued to the point he put his hands on me in front of my son. I had him in my arms as he was grabbing by the hair calling me names. He does not acknowledge he put hands on me at all. I don't want that to happen again so I ignore his texts when he asks about my son and I will be going to court to get temporary custody. I am planning on letting him see the baby once a court visitation order is in place. Am I doing the right thing?!?!?! Help!!!


Jodi - posted on 03/28/2015




He is the child's father and he has a right to see his child. Unless he is a danger to the child, you don't really have the right to stop him from having time with his child. Unless you have evidence that he is an absolute danger to your child (like real evidence, not just your say so), by denying him visits, you could potentially lose custody on the basis of parental alienation.

Can I ask why you argued? Were you on at him about your relationship? What were you arguing over? I'm not saying it is okay for him to have his hands on you, but I also am guessing you were having an argument that you were both involved in and it was potentially an avoidable situation. Maybe you could have a third party involved and present when he visits your son.

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