should I let my 22mo.old be put to sleep for dental work?

Keara - posted on 09/30/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I took my 22mo.old daughter for her first dental visist yesterday b/c I suspected cavaties. I was right she has 6. I was referred to a hospital in Richmond,VA where they want to put her to sleep intravenously in order to cap & crown the 6 teeth. I spoke to a dental assistant yesterday who's son had same thing done,but it did n ot ease my worries of having someone inject her with something to put her to sleep. My fears are great "what if they give her too much"? "what if something goes wrong"? I am waiting to hear back from her pediatrician b/c he has known her since birth, and would just like his opinion health wise. I was told this would be done in order to prevent toothaches in the future. Anyone with advice or comfort please help!!!!


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Neva - posted on 10/02/2011




Yes, talk to your pediatrician. Most likely the dentist will want to have her have a check up before the procedure anyway. Baby teeth are very important and unchecked decay can cause damage to the permanent teeth that are developing beneath the gum line.They can also lead to abscesses other infections. The procedure would be very traumatic to a 22 month old without anesthesia. She would have to be strapped down so that she wouldn't move while drilling and her mouth would have to be pried open because she would not cooperate. You wound't want that for her either. Even though no procedure like this is totally risk free, you can rest assured that this is a very common procedure and she should be just fine.

Connie - posted on 09/30/2011




so sorry you are so stressed I would as you be very leary of anyone putting my little one to sleep but, the good news is that the person wanting to put her under is an expert. my youngest had to have her tonsils and adnoids taken when she was 2 and they had to put her to sleep for that. I was a nervous wreck but she came through just fine. will keep you in my prayers. God bless!

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