Should i let my baby's father e there for him after all he has done?

Gabriela - posted on 09/06/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




When I found out I was pregnat he wanted me to abort the baby, I didn't want to do so , so he broke up with me.... He came back saying after a coupl of days saying he wanted the baby and also to fix thing with me , I found out later he was cheating on me since always , I got depress I had to leave the country when I cam back there he was again begging I trusted him and one day trying to surprise him I found him sleep with another woman, she is also pregnat ....he didn't say anything.... The thing now is again he is begging to be there for the baby after all the pain he has caused me and all the times I ended up in the hospital because our discussions, I don't know if am doing right by just keeping him away from us


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Dove - posted on 09/06/2016




it's not up to you to 'let' him be involved or not. He is the child's father and has just as much of a right to a relationship w/ his child as you do. He absolutely does not sound like someone YOU should have a relationship with, but that is completely separate from your child's right to know his/her father.

Get a court order for custody, visitation, and child support established and then stick to that.

Michelle - posted on 09/06/2016




You don't have to have a relationship with him but you aren't right to keep him away from his child.
When the baby is born you need to go to court to get custody, visitation and child support sorted out.
Don't take him back but encourage a relationship with his child.

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