Should I let my BD take my newborn baby-girl with him for a day(24hrs)?

Beatriz - posted on 01/27/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My BD & I split up when I was 26weeks pregnant he ask me for some time alone b/c he wasn't sure that I loved him, he always thought that I was still in love with my ex which I'm not I was always sure that I love him & that's why I decided to get pregnant from him. The first few months were the best we both were excited about me been pregnant but by Nov. He started changing he stop been sweet & all of that so I ask what was wrong but he said that he was stress out but it didn't make sense to me & that didn't seem to be the problem so I decided to confront him & he said that I was just not sweet enough that I didn't make him feel love nor need it & that I let myself go just b/c I didn't get all pretty for him all the time just sometimes but I was like that b/c Sometimes I just didn't feel pretty any-who he pretty much used me as an excuse so I went back to my parents house & a week later he called to say that he had a new girlfriend! So that's when I realized why he changed so much. I'm 30weeks pregnant now & my BD called to tell me that after our baby is born he wants to take her an entire day but I say no b/c I think that a newborn needs her mom to be with her at all times.He said that I'm been selfish but I'm just thinking about my baby's well been. plus since I left he hasn't even help me at all he calls sometimes to ask about our baby but he always comes up with something new & h just stresses me out.. He's 25yrs old & I don't what he has in he's head but everything seems so easy for him.. What should I do? Am I the one been selfish?


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Unless you are exclusively breastfeeding, dad can care for a newborn just as well as you can.

So, yes, you are being selfish in that respect. What should you do? Get paternity established, get custody/visitation established, and get support set in court. That way, you both have a guideline of what is expected of you, and have a procedure to follow.


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Chet - posted on 01/27/2014




The best thing is for your newborn baby to be with you, especially if you are breastfeeding. I have no idea what the legalities are about visitation and shared custody of newborns (I've heard babies are usually nine months before a court will mandate whole day visits, but I really don't know). Your baby knows your smell, your voice, and will need you to nurse her sometimes every two to three hours in the beginning.

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