Should I let my kids father see my kids?...

Aide - posted on 02/07/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My kids father hasn't seen my kids for the past 5months he hasn't called or texted like he would usually would nor has he even attempted to give the kids anything either and I hear it every single day "can we go with our dad"? "Where's our dad"? Its really sad because they really want middle child had my phone and to my surprice I caught him calling him what was funny he was at the club and told my son hold on while he stepped outside wherever he was at to talk to him he just when on and on about how he misses them and loves them to make it short he spoke to all 3 of my kids and at the end promised them to pick them up the next day they kept asking me all excited can we? Can we? Go with our dad and I just looked at them and said another day would be best and my kids just started pouting and crying sobbing tears I took the phone from my son and hung up on their father what should I do? :(


Jodi - posted on 02/08/2015




So you are now going to be the bad guy and tell them no? The kids miss their dad, and yes, he has to be more consistent, but the one day he tells them yes I'll see you tomorrow, you tell them another day would be better and hung up on their father. Is there a specific reason another day would be better? Or is this a power argument. Are you trying to make a point to him?

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