Should I let other parents decide what my daughter should have for breakfast at her pre-school?!! - posted on 09/08/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 4th year old started pre-school this year at a small private school that she also attended last year. This year the school is asking parents to rotate and provide breakfast for a whole week to all the kids in her class, (our turn will be every 2 months or so). They reason that all the kids will be getting a balanced breakfast and they all will be eating the same thing, hence learn from each other. We will still provide separate lunches.

My husband and I are not totally comfortable with this idea, as we have been feeding our daughter as natural as possible and we are not certain if other parents embrace this lifestyle. I really don't want to be the party pooper and while we love this school and we know they are doing it for the right reasons, we don't think this is a best practice. Please comment, your opinions do count!!!


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I would talk to the school and explain that nutrition is extremely important to you, particularly for such a crucial meal as breakfast. Will they be sending out guidelines for the parents as to what types of foods are allowable, or is it a free-for-all?

If it's good, nourishing food that's being allowed, even if it's not quite up to your standards, then I would let it go. But if it's a free-for-all where sugary cereals or Pop-tarts are allowed, then I can see you being more concerned, and can ask if your child can opt out (you would still bring breakfasts on your rotation, but your kid will be eating breakfast at home).

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I would say that for me it would depend on what guidelines the school is putting out for these breakfasts and how closely they will be followed. I think as long as it is clearly expected that the food will be healthy, wholesome, without much added sugar, not all pre-packaged, then you might be best to support the concept. However, if parents can do whatever they choose, regardless of quality, health, and nutritional standards, then I would certainly oppose such an idea.

My daughter's preschool provides snacks and lunches. I have been very pleased with the quality of these meals and the variety. They are prepared from scratch in their kitchen by two lunch ladies. For snacks they are always having fresh fruit, milk at the choice of the parent, home-baked goods, and sometimes things like steel cut oats.or granolas. The lunches are all vegetarian with things like quiche, steamed veggies and tofu, and bean burritos. I do not know what your standards for "natural as possible" would be, but I would imagine that a good school would be willing to discuss this sort of issue with you.


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