should i let the dad be there for the birth of his daughter!?! induce labor tomorrow!

Krystal - posted on 12/31/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




we been dating for 3 years! was going to get married in november. he has been no help! he went out all the time during my pregnancy. vanished for weekends, didnt answer his phone. i went to the hospital due to lots of pain he didnt come with me when i called him he was out with his friends having beers and partying. i still tried to be with him he came in and out of my life i feel. when he was around he was very caring but the bad to me out weighed the good. but to him he feels like he was always there and im insane and its his kid i cant keep him away. i told him he can see the baby but i dont want him spending the night with me at the hospital or being there while im having the baby. he said its his rights and he will be there or he will cause a riot at the hospital! idk wat to do! not that ill be induced tomorrow he acts like he cares but the last time i told him that he said i dont care i seen my ex give birth to my other child all labors r the same i dont want to be there now he changed ! he even has packed his overnight bag to stay i found out plz help i need advice


Amy - posted on 01/01/2014




No one has the "right" to be in the room when you are delivering. Let the nurses know upon arrival that you do not want him in the room and he can only come in once the baby is born. Jodi is right they have security for that reason, labor and delivery are there for you, they will tell guests whatever you want them to, they want you to be comfortable no one else.

Jodi - posted on 12/31/2013




It is not his right to be there when you have the baby. He can be at the hospital, that's his choice, but whether he is in the delivery room is YOUR choice, not his. It is also your right to ask him not to stay overnight - he can only be your guest if you want him there. Let him cause a riot at the hospital - that's what security is for.


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