Should I let the father of my child's girlfriend around my son? please please help me

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She use to be one of my friends and even in the beginning of their relationship we were still friends and I let her around my son. But after a couple weeks of them dating she started getting really involved with my son by lifting him up and calling him "my baby" in front of me and taking care of him while his father decides to take a nap or when he's high off weed. So of course I got on his but about it because he knows very well that our 2 year old son is only our responsibility and no one else's and he should never be high especially so high that he couldn't take care of his son. Then later she cheats on him several times and when they were broken up for a little I found out she does tons of drugs including meth. And I don't know weather or not she ever did it around my son. But after my baby daddy and her got back together I have forbidden her to be any where around my son. Do I have a good reason to keep her away from him? because it feels all wrong for me to let her and it feels wrong to even let him be around my son! the thing is though the person who got him into drugs was actually her. but now he keeps asking me to let her be in my sons life? (all 3 of us are 18 btw)


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If you can prove that he is taking drugs then you can get court order for supervised visitation. You can try and write it into the orders that she isn't allowed around your child but you can't control what happens at his house. If you don't have proof of his drug use then it will be hard to get the supervised visitation and also stop her being around your son.
It really depends on the judge you have at the time.

Gena - posted on 11/18/2013




Personaly i wouldnt let my child be around anybody that takes drugs whike looking after him.The childs father should grow up and quit drugs that he can be a good dad for his child!Seing the girlfriend is also on drugs i personaly wouldnt let them take care of the child.Good luck

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