Should I night train my toddler?

Mazy - posted on 10/10/2011 ( 17 moms have responded )




I have a boy who isn't even 2.5 yet. He has been toilet trained for about a year, but still wears a diaper at night time (he doesn't need one for a nap, only night time). This past week he has gotten up at least four times at some point I'm the middle of the night to use the bathroom. When he does this he takes all of his pajamas off as well as his diaper. Usually he goes back to bed naked (that's how I find him in the morning). He's so good that he even puts his jammies back in the drawer & the diaper in the garbage. I've been looking at the diapers & there is hardly any pee in them, if any. This morning was the first one where he actually woke up in a wet bed. He was mortified.

So, is it time to night train? How do I start, or do I just keep letting him do what he's doing?


Ez - posted on 10/11/2011




It certainly sounds like he's ready if he is waking himself up to go to the toilet. I would talk to him about it. Ask him if he wants to wear underwear to bed. If he says yes, go for it! If he is hesitant, I think it's fine to leave him to manage in his own way. He is still very young. He might prefer to keep doing what he's doing until he decided to get rid of the nappies himself.

I actually have the opposite problem. My daughter is 32mths and has been day trained since the week she turned 2. But she still wets heavily at night, and most certainly does NOT wake up when she needs to go.

I think night training is really something you just have to let happen in it's own time. Don't put a time frame on it. Your son is doing very well, so if he doesn't resist going to bed in underwear, let him. But if he wants the security of the pull-up or nappy, that is not a big deal either at this age.

Kristin - posted on 10/11/2011




With my oldest (who will be4yrs next week) i used night-time diapers then when he started waking up in the middle of the night i switched to pull ups. I also slowed down the liquid intake after dinner, and nothing an hour before bed. Put him to go potty right before bed, take him again just before you go to bed, and then if he has to in the middle of the night he seems to be doin good :) We are still in the training process with our second (to be 2yrs Nov. 5) and just waiting for the day when the youngest will be there (due the end of Nov'11). You're doing really good Mazy :)

Katherine - posted on 10/10/2011




Sounds like he's doing it on his own. I would just keep letting him do what he's doing.


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Amanda - posted on 10/13/2011




yup i say its time to start him...we started our son the day we started potty training....we would get him up before we went to bed to go pee we did this every night for about a week and he gets up now when he needs to pee and has never had a an accident in bed...sounds like ur little guy is ready

Stacy - posted on 10/12/2011




When the child is old enough to throw his own diaper away, that should tell you something!! He's more than ready. We never separated daytime and night-time for training. Just all at once, around two. He'll be fine.

Susan - posted on 10/12/2011




I agree with the last person. There is no night training. It is when they are physically able to go all night (or get up and go).

Angela - posted on 10/12/2011




there is no "night training" to be done they do it by themselves so its easier than day training but if you do decied to stop with the night diapers then see if you can get a matress protector for accidents good luck

Mazy - posted on 10/12/2011




He's been acquaint the idea of wearing underwear to bed & still wants his diaper. I don't buy the pull ups because of cost. I use cloth on the ten month old & both boys get a disposable diaper at night (they wear the same size, so I only have to buy one package every two weeks, which is nice). I'm searching for cloth pull ups now, and I hope he won't be afraid to wear them. Now, he absolutly refuses to wear a diaper any other time, so I know he's not confused...just not ready to give it up yet. My husband is pushing for the under wear, so after I get some plastic sheets I think we may try, but nothing official since he seems to be doing it on his own.

Thanks ladies!

Vanesa - posted on 10/12/2011




When we potty trained our toddler we completely took him off diapers and did pull-ups at night only. Once we noticed his pull-ups were dry all the time, we simply took them off and put his potty in his room at night just in case. I have seen and read in many places how switching them from diapers to underwear frequently isn't good and confuses them. That is why it was so important for us to take the diaper away completely.

Keri - posted on 10/12/2011




We didn't actively night-train our son, it just sort of happened. When we started cutting off drinks and food within an hour of bedtime, he stopped wetting the bed. Now that he's totally trained, he gets up if he has to and we can even let him having a drink or snack closer to bedtime to help him calm down.

Janessa - posted on 10/11/2011




It sounds like that is what he wants, so I say go for it. My son was not potty-trained at all one day, and then the next completely potty trained night and day at around 2 1/2 because he wanted to be and did it himself. Every now and then he'll have an accident but it is rare. I always have him and my daughter older than him go right before bed, and they almost always make it until morning, but on the rare occasions they don't, she wakes up to go, and he has an accident sometime in the later morning when its time to get up anyways. So I haven't had to change sheets in the middle of the night. If he appears like he doesn't want to do it, then stop, otherwise, go for it.

Bonnie - posted on 10/11/2011




Your son is doing really well for his age. I would just let him continue to do what he is doing, but if he can't get dressed again on his own, I would tell him it's okay to wake mommy and daddy to help you if you need it.

Anne - posted on 10/11/2011




Sounds like he is doing it himself, don't interfer. My son had been out of nappies for about 6 months, he is 27 months. I stopped putting him in nappies after he went through a whole packet with out wetting 1. As for the wet bed, just calm him down, reassure him he didn't do anything wrong & don't make a fuss. My son is the same about wet beds. I don't know how lucky I am. He toilet trained himself basically.

[deleted account]

I think I'd continue to let him do what he's doing until the diapers are gone.

As for the age.... my girls weren't out of night time pull ups til 4.5 and we still had wet beds (w/ decreasing frequency) til 8.5... My son was fully day and night trained at 2 years 9 months, but wouldn't give up the night time diapers until I ran out (at 3). He NEVER wet the diapers after he was trained and in the 6 months that the diapers have been gone... we've never once had a wet bed. He wakes in the middle of the night to pee MAYBE once a month.

Mazy - posted on 10/10/2011




He often takes a nap on my bed (which is upstairs where there isn't a bathroom) & I put the "baby potty" next to him. He uses it just fine. If he naps in his own room, he just wakes up & uses the regular toilet (for some reason he refuses to use the ring!). His room is next to the bathroom, so it's a short walk!

His PJs are *almost* always two piece, pants & shirt, and even if they are the cozy one piece ones he can still get them off. But from now on all the PJs that we buy will be two piece sets because of this.

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! By the there a time frame that I should expect on this? He's only 28 months, so I'm thinking by age 3(ish)? thanks :)

April - posted on 10/10/2011




put him to bed in underwear and pajamas that he can undo easily. put a child's toilet seat right next to his bed. he sounds more than ready to do night train!! :)

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