Should I open an in-home daycare or keep teaching?

Tara - posted on 03/22/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am in somewhat of a unique situation. My husband and I relocated to the town we both grew up in to be near our family and raise our kids near their extended family. We are currently living with my parents until our house sells. We have an accepted offer on our house and are closing next month. Within the next few months we will be purchasing a new (used) home. He is an engineer with a stable job, but doesn't make a ton of money (not enough for me to stay home without income). I am an early childhood special education teacher who currently carries our health benefits; however, his work has great insurance with a higher deductible. We could g purchase a less expensive house (based on my husband's income) that would be conducive to running an in-home daycare or I could keep working and we could spend a little more and get a newer home. We have two little girls (2 years old and 11 months) and my heart aches daily that I am not with them. I do enjoy my job, but I feel like I just can't catch up. Between working full time, commute time, my husband's 11 hour workday, cooking, and cleaning there is such limited quality time to spend as a family.

Also, my husband and I currently work an hour apart and we want to purchase a home near his work. This leaves me with three options...

1) keep my current job, but spend 1 1/2 hours commuting daily and having my girls in childcare over 10 hours a day (not favorable, but I do enjoy the job)

2)find a new teaching job closer to where we purchase our home (not always easy to just find a new job)

3)run an in-home daycare (probably with only teachers kids to keep my summers off) and live a little more frugally, but still save for retirement

Extra info: I have a high level of patience and noise tolerance. I don't think I will have trouble keeping enrollment due to where we will be living. My husband and I want two more children within the next 5 years.

Please provide your honest opinions because I just keep flip-flopping and know there must be factors I am not thinking about!


Katherine - posted on 03/23/2012




Well that's a lot to swallow! I would find a teaching job closer and see how THAT goes. If that doesn't go well, THEN do an in home daycare. It's not like you'll get licensed right away. The process will take a long time. Granted this is in Nevada. Still gives you an idea though.

But the commute is ridiculous IMO. And I don't think it's fair to your kids either.

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