should I put my child in ADHD meds???..

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I just got out of a meeting with my son school. His been having problems in learning focusing and in recesses. In the meeting they mention ADHD he might have it and to look into it with his doctor. The little I have read honestly of ADHD it seems like my son has all well most of the symptoms. Dont know what to think.....

@juleah thank u.. it is so true what you just mention. I plan on putting my son in couseling and in sports. already got him a tutor. Don't know about the diet won't do that. He is a healthy boy dosent need candy taken away from him.. thank you so much.. I'll start off with counseling, sports, tutoring other than MEDS that would be my last option.


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I don't know much about ADHD I just wanted to let you know what happened to my father-in-law from the meds. He was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid and ended up becoming addicted to speed. The medicine they usually prescribe is (from what I hear) a lot like speed. It has caused a lot of problem for him and his family and he wasn't that bad to start off with(from what I was told). So I would just suggest to try other methods before the meds. They can be a dangerous game.

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Use care. A doctor will perscribe meds based on nothing more then a phone call with you. These meds have not been fully tested on kids and we don't know the long term impact on their developing brains.
There are so many things that can result in behaviors that look like ADHD. I was a special education teacher and most of the kids I worked with carried that label, but few actually had it. All were on meds however.
This is what I saw: Kid has a major blow up or melt down. Professionals are brought in. Kid is put on meds. Kid starts to see a counselor, get help with social skills, work on issues that might be bothering them.
Parents gets tips on interacting with their child.
Parents take time off work and set each afternoon at the table helping their kid with homework.
Parents hire a tutor to help too
Parents' get the kid involved in something other then video games and TV
Parents get tips on how diet impacts behavior; they take the kid off soda, sugar, processed foods, food coloring ... put them on an organic diet, healthy foods only .....
And, the behaviors improve. The teacher's are thrilled, the grades go up and the doctors say, "Well that proves it. The kid must have ADHD or he/she would not be responding to the medication like this"
After time, the kid stops seeing the counslor, the soprts season ends, the tutor is no longer needed, work demands the attention of the parents, junk food is brought back into the diet and the behaviors start up again. There is a melt down or big blow up, and the professionals are again called in. "I guess we need to adjust the medication, or try a different kind"
The loop starts all over again.
I can't tell you how many times I watched this unfold.
So, except the medication, try everything else and see what happens.
And, know that some kids do have ADHD and some kids do responde well to medication; it is needed in some cases, that that is not the first step and it is not common for it to be actually needed. Your son might in fact have ADHD and migght in fact need medication, but don't start there and don't trust your family doctor - they don't know much about this

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My mom had a LOT of problems with my brothers hyperactivity as a child. She took him into get an allergy test, and it turns out that he was allergic to 28 different things. Many of which we had on a daily basis. I don't remember the details but my mom swears he calmed down after they limited the foods that he was allergic to: one of which was milk.

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Ok I’ve made an appointment with my Childs pediatrician for next week.. Teacher is really encouraging me to put him on meds... we have tried tutoring rewarding everything except dieting. I personally do not want to put him on medication, but this is not about me.

Please I need some advice.

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