Should I restrict my 5 yr old from using the computer?

Samantha - posted on 06/11/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have been reading to my daughter since we found out we were pregnant (am an avid reader). So in the effort to keep up with the the technological world we live in i have decided to teach her all the computer skills she can handle. Now all she wants is interactive stories from the computer or her leap frog edu. toys. I feel so jealous of them all because i love reading to her. Should i take them away from her? I don't want her to be sad.


Amy - posted on 06/11/2013




No you don't have to take it away but you can limit her screen time to an hour a day. Even though both my 7 and 3 year old use the computer I still make it a point to interact with them throughout the day, playing games, going outside, and I still read them both bedtime stories.


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Kelly - posted on 06/21/2013




Well its all up to you nnot your kids choice u better be strict with kids (there trouble

Rebekah - posted on 06/18/2013




I agree, it doesn't have to be all or nothing, just use wisdom and limit the screen time she has. What's the rush with learning computer skills now? She will have plenty of time to catch up with technology later on, but kids are so hands-on at this age, it is a grand opportunity for her to be learning from real experiences rather than simulated experiences. Get her outside. Get into the art supplies. Play real games with each other. Get into pretend stories and dress-up.
My son is 7, and he loves his LeapPad and educational computer games, but between that and the TV, I really monitor how much total screen time he spends and restrict it. He would love to do more, but it isn't healthy. And i believe it stifles creativity, if overdone. (There are also some studies about there about the effects of video games on brain development and attention span, so until things are more conclusive, I stay wary and conservative.)
Of course he gets frustrated when he can't do more or have an Ipod Touch or Kindle like he sees other kids have (which is a whole other issue), but its OK if he's sad about that! My job isn't to get him everything he wants or keep up with what the neighbors are doing--its to give him a good foundation, nurture his natural desire to learn, and provide appropriate limits when needed.
And absolutely keep reading to her. No computer program can take the place of mom's voice and the bonding that happens when you read together.

Margaret - posted on 06/18/2013




We have a program called Net Nanny that monitors and limits each one of my children's internet time. Since each one of my children are at different age levels they each have different filtering so I don't have to hover over them all the time. Nor do I have the time! LOL! It also warns our older ones and sends us emails if they go or do anything questionable. So, it also "teaches" about online safety too. We have used it for years and we LOVE it. We have it on our 5, now 6 year old's computer. We use it to limit how long she can be on it. I think my husband has her's set for an hour? He computer will not allow her on-line at this time. We have just down loaded some educational games at this point. She does most of her reading in books still. :-)
Here is some info about Net Nanny...

Anita - posted on 06/15/2013




Personally I think that when it comes to children they spend way too much time on computers and in front of the tv this is why they are not social later on. With that said I say yes you should because they will learn responsibility and have an understanding of guidelines

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