should I sign or not

Valerie - posted on 07/13/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




long story short. I'm 3 months pregnant and child s father wants me to sign paper saying I won't sue him for child support. he wanted me to have abortion...I didn't want to.....I said I would take care of him or her my self......should I sign the paper. if I sign paper can I later change my mind and sue in alabama


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Valerie - posted on 07/15/2013




jodi thanks you give me lot to think about....and witt im gonna look for attorney.......

Ev - posted on 07/14/2013




Also it may not be legal for him to do this too. Have a family law attorney look at it too. I would not sign something where the dad got out of paying child support and besides that child support is something regulated by the courts unless you two do not take this to court. I would set things up after the baby is born so there is custody, visitation and support so you can get it for the baby's benefit. He sounds like he does not want to take responsiblity for his actions.

Jodi - posted on 07/14/2013




What's in it for you if you sign? I mean, what can he do if you don't sign? It's one thing if you deliberately got pregnant, but this sounds like it was not intentional and you both had a part in that. Why are you the only person who has to wear the consequences? Believe me, an abortion is a consequence too. He doesn't get to choose which consequence you decide on because either way, YOU endure the consequences of the choice. But he sure as heck doesn't have to right to totally exonerate himself from consequences either.

You don't know what life may bring in the future. What if your baby is born prematurely and needs ongoing medical assistance and support? What if something happens to you and you can't financially support the child on your own? I guess I am just saying that you are both responsible for this child, and you cannot be forced into having an abortion. You seem uncertain as to whether to sign anything, go with your gut. You are having second thoughts about it for good reason. Him asking you to sign something where he is the ONLY person who benefits in that arrangement certainly shows his true character.

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