Should I start feeding my baby cereal?

Steffcas - posted on 02/05/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 3 1/2 months now and close to 15 pounds. She can sit on the couch in the corner by herself. She has been in the high chair when my husband and i are having dinner, however she is always looking at our food and tries to grab whatever we are eating when we are getting dinner ready. I think these are all signs for her being ready but she has no trouble sleeping at night (7 to 8 hrs) but she doesn't like to nap all that much during the day

Is she ready for baby cereal? should I talk to my doctor first?


Andrea - posted on 02/05/2014




Most moms here are going to say NO..
Now as I write what I am about to say I am sure there will be mother's fit to be tied and come at me... I have always had BIG babies once home from the hospital...
Oldest was 37 weeks 6lbs by 4 months was 20lbs.. YES he was big, but very healthy and now as 6 years old weighs 45 to 50lbs.. I started him on cereal at 2 months via his doctors advice!!!!
Middle was 36 weeks 3lbs 8oz born with Gastroschisis {insides outside belly} by 6 months she was 15lbs.. Not as big as my first but she had other problems so she started at 4 months couldn't handle it stopped tried again at 6 months still a no go then at 9 months she was able to eat, via her doctors orders... She is now almost 5 and is luck to be 35 to 40lbs
Youngest born at 38 weeks 5lbs 13.5oz by 4 months was 18lbs 13oz.. Yes he was a big boy... He started cereal around 2 months via doctors advice.. He also was born with Milk and Soy Allergies, Which mind every one has nothing to do with him starting solids to soon.. He is now a year old and weighs 28lbs, he is walking, crawling, running {kind of}
Bottom line is Talk with your child's doctor and get their advice, then as her mom you will know what is right and best for your little one.. You know your baby better then any doctor or other mother.. We all can offer advice and tell what are experiences were and are but that is all we can do best to follow your gut and speak with her doctor...
I hope this is helpful and best wishes and take care..

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