Should I start solids with my 4.5 month old kid


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Mariam - posted on 03/15/2012




My son's paediatrician recommended to start solid at 5 months two weeks as his weight gain is appropriate to his age... So I guess I should wait.... But thanks a lot :)

Brittney - posted on 03/12/2012




That depends, does he/she drink a lot of formula or breast milk? Is he/she having trouble swallowing fluids? If he/she is having trouble swallowing fluids, it may be better to wait a little while longer until he/she can swallow without difficulty. I started my daughter on baby cereal when she was 2 months old because she was drinking over 90 ounces of formula a day and I thought she wasn't getting full with it. I started off with cream of wheat but it was too difficult to clean in between her folds (neck folds are difficult to clean). Then I went to gerber single grain oatmeal cereal. Once they are supported sitters (around 4-6 months) they can have cereal, then pureed veggies/fruits, then lumpier foods.

Ask the pediatrician when they recommend starting them.

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