Should I stay? Or should I just leave with my son?

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I'm a dad & asking for opinion.
Ever since my wife gave birth to our lovely son, things have changed drastically for me as a husband (for the past 2 years). Here's why:

1) My wife no longer treats me as a first priority. In a recent conversation, she asked if I would choose her or my son. My natural answer was my wife, because without a proper marriage on which everything else is built on, my son would never grow up the proper way. She actually claimed she was "disappointed" with this correct answer.

2) In receiving the arrival of my son, my mother in law started living with us for the past 2 years. Unable to tolerate my mother in law's really weird & quirky living habits eg deep frying at the stove with one hand carrying my son, leaving cooking stoves unattended, adding unnecessary comments when it involves a conversation between me and my wife, ballooning up my electricity bills, blatant accusations of me doing the wrong things at my own home.

3) We don't have sex anymore. It used to be "as-and-when-we-had-the-mood" before my son's arrival, once a week after my son's first year, bi weekly (if my mother in law wasn't staying over), & most recently none for a couple of months. I have tried initiating it, but am always met with the answer of "No, No, & No"

I feel really helpless & don't know what to do. I would like to try a marriage counsellor but my wife doesn't even bother to answer simple messages, even send text messages.

I am seriously thinking of leaving my wife, & am very confident the courts are gonna rule in my favour for my son. However I do not want my son to grow up in a broken home.

What should I do? I really am contemplating suicide.


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Be strong try to talk to your wife.. Try to see if you can get a relative that you trust to take care of the baby and take her out to a nice peaceful place and talk to her tell her how you feel and what you want to do bc you want things to get better try to get through to her try to get her to go to counseling and do what's best for the baby try to get her to understand where your coming from.. It's hard living with an in law and tell her how you feel about her

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