Should I stop allowing my son to visit his dad and his family?

Vi - posted on 12/27/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 10 year old son who's father has been in and out of prison trough out his whole life. He served a 5 year sentence in 2005 & was released in 2010 and then went back in last year to serve another 5 year sentence. My son never had a close bond with his father but did visit him occasionally when he was first released in prison. The 2nd time he went back to prison I ceased all communication to protect my son. I still allowed my son to have a relationship with his dad's family once in a while. I been with my finace for 3 1/2 years and we have a child together. My finacee has been that father figure to my son and treats him as his own. We both found out that my son's father was recently told he has HIV. My fiancee now wants to cut all ties with my son's family for my son's best interest and to protect him. He doesn't want to put him at risk either to get infected. I don't know what to do? My son's family doesn't always call me but his aunt does come around occasionally.


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What are we in the 1980's where people think a hug from someone with HIV/AIDS can give it to them? *shaking my head*. I think I would be more concerned about the jail and not even consider the HIV.


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Ariana - posted on 12/27/2012




Your son will not get infected as long as no bodily fluids are somehow being transferred...

If you've been having an alright relationship with his family then there is no reason why you shouldn't continue that relationship. This is your sons family, it isn't fair to them, or him, for you to get rid of all contact with the family because your sons father has HIV.

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Unless he is sharing bodily fluids w/ his father.... eliminating the family because of the HIV status makes no sense whatsoever.

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