Should I switch formula baby wanting to eat more within 10-15 min?

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My baby is 1wk 5days old. Just tonight he has been fussy and though he had his 2oz of formula (Enfamil newborn) 15 min later after attempts to put him in his sleeper/rocker he wakes up in a minute, sucking his thumb/part of his hand and starts to fuss. I then made him 4oz of formula he drank 3 oz and now is asleep on his dad's chest. This hasn't happened with my first where he wasn't constantly needed to be fed every 10-20 min within an hour or two, and he was formula fed too. He was taking Similac Advance. I am doing half pumping breast milk and formula by the way. I was wondering if it could be the formula that isn't sticking to his stomach well. I pump at least 2oz, sometimes 3 if I'm lucky. It was just weird and tiring, had 2oz of breast milk turned on white noise, put him down, he starts screaming I walk him talk to him, then before you know it, he's back sucking his hand again and then hungry again. He refuses a pacifier by the way, at least the Nuk brand. I'm planning on buying Tommee Tippie closer to nature pacifier since that's the brand of bottles he drinks out of. I know eventually it'll be a problem with him constantly sucking his thumb/hand the older he gets and he'll need a pacifier.....if he takes it.


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He may just eat more than your first. All four of my boys ate like and still eat like food is going to disappear out of their lives forever. He may just eat more than your first. Him sucking on his hand is also very normal for a newborn. I wouldn't worry too much about that either. I have 7 children and a couple took pacifiers, a couple chewed their hand and even blankets were the security.

Just remember every baby is different. It takes time to adjust to any new baby. Just talk to his doctor at the check-up and voice your concerns. I am pretty sure that everything is fine.

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