Should I take a pregnancy test?

Lalalala - posted on 10/13/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am about a week late on my period but have had no other signs of being pregnant. No nausea, no breast tenderness, no sensitivity to smells, nothing! I feel like I am going to get my period any day now but it still hasn't come. I have had unprotected sex only once since my last period, he didn't ejaculate, and I took Plan B the next day just to make sure. I have only had sex three other times since then and have used a condom every time. There was no noticeable leaking from any of the condoms, they were all kept in places and would be nearly impossible to be punctured and they had not expired. I was on birth control for 5 years and stopped taking it about 2 months ago so I was also curious if it has something to do with the changes in hormones. I have been late on my period before, but never a whole week... what should I do?


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Jodi - posted on 10/13/2012




That's up to you. I don't know what your cycle is normally like. But there is always the possibility of being pregnant. You have obviously taken many precautions, but you wouldn't be posting here if you didn't have concerns. But honestly, people on the internet can't tell you whether you could be pregnant or not. The ONLY thing that can do that is a test or a doctor!

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