Should I take the bottle away from my 3 year old? If so, how?

Monica - posted on 05/25/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 3 year old who still uses the bottle. A lot of moms have told me it's not okay for a kid his age to still be drinking from the bottle and I've had moms tell me it is, to just let him stop when he is ready.

The thing is that he is so attached to the bottle that at times he replaces meals with the bottle. For example, we try to eat breakfast with him and he'll cry and say he wants the bottle and won't eat or drink anything else. He mostly does eat for lunch and dinner but has about two bottles in between. Lately he just went through a period where he wouldn't have anything during the day but maybe some yogurt and cereal and his bottle. He did this for about 2 weeks. He didn't want to eat anything and I took him to the doctor and told the doctor he wasn't eating and the doctor said he was fine; found nothing wrong with him. Also at night he wakes up at least twice to drink from his bottle. I go through gallons of milk quickly.

Should I take away the bottle from him?


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Sarah - posted on 05/25/2014




It is not ok for a 3 yr old to have a bottle. Both for teeth and for mouth development. I can't believe your doc has not said anything. It is also not healthy nutrition wise because he does not get a proper balance of nutrients when drinking mostly milk. A 3 yr old should only be drinking 12 ounces of milk daily. His nutrition comes mainly from his food. If he is not eating right thus will affect his brain development and his growth. I would suggest throwing all the bottles out. The first couple days are going to be have created a habit that has lasted for a long time. Expect fussiness, crying, whining, possibly even refusing to drink. You need to stand your ground. A 3 yr old should be drinking from a regular open cup....This is also part of proper gross and fine mother skills. By giving him a bottle you are causing him delays in this area.

Ev - posted on 05/25/2014




He should have been off the bottle a long time ago. He is more than old enough to be using a sippy cup or an open cup. And the reason he won't eat is because you give in and give him the bottle of milk. At his age, he should be getting about 4 servings of dairy which does not have to be all milk. It can be yogurt and cheese. Also letting him have the bottle off and on all day is not good for him anyway. He should not be waking at night for a bottle. Instead give him a cup with a sippy lid on it with WATER ONLY. Milk at night can cause cavaities and other dental problems later. Also the bottle nipple is going to cause some dental problems too. You need to set limits and stick to them. He is going to toss a fit when you introduce the cup but it needed to be gone by the time he was at least 18 months to 2 years. I would toss the bottles and use the sippies from now on. Once he realizes he is not going to get a bottle he will adjust. Also do not give him his drink until he has eaten his food on his plate. You are letting him rule you. Besides, do you want to be fighting him over a bottle when he starts kindergarten?

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