Should I talk to my 11 year old about her father moving to another sta

Brandy - posted on 08/30/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter is 11. Her father has been absent for most of her life. He participated in visitation for about a year from age 1 to 2 and then disappeared. He emailed me when she was 9 and expressed an interest in knowing how she was. I was very leary and scared for her but we slowly progressed into them speaking on the phone. In March, they "met". He came for 2 more (couple hour) visits in July around her 10th birthday. When they met, he lived in the 3rd different state since she was born. I was unaware he had relcoated again until he made contact. She doesn't appear to have a lot of interest in making a lot of time for him and refuse to force her. I warned him that it would probably take work to get her to open up since he was practically a stranger but it clearly makes him angry. We haven't heard from him now for 6 months and through some clever snooping, I am under the suspicion that he has relocated to yet another state, even farther away. Should I talk to her about this or just let sleeping dogs lay? I try and remind her from time to time to think of him and maybe call him but promised her I would never push her into anything with their relationship so she often changes the subject. My heart breaks for her. Is hard for me to encourage her to have a relationship with him when he is "walking farther away".

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