should i think of taking my ex back if he comes?

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my children;s father has left me pregnant with our second child and got married to a woman. i don't know where he is , I'm not in touch, i have exempted him from child support as well. he is free. but i keep waiting for him. unable to move on for myself. for kids, i have moved on. but i keep waiting for him though i have not initiated any contact.
but if at al he comes back, what do i do? my heart says give him a chance, and my brains say I'm an idiot to think that way. but deep down i have a feeling he will be back for me. its been 7 years now its all on and off. but he left a year and half back when i was pregnant with our baby no 2. he does not even know that our second one is a boy and is now 8 months old. huh, strange i know.
but just a thought, should di give him a chance if he comes at all? I'm forgiving by nature but that doesn't mean i have opened a forgiveness shop.
any inputs ?


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He's MARRIED. To another woman.

He's not coming back. And you didn't do yourself any favors by NOT getting a support order on him.

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Sarah - posted on 01/29/2014




He has moved on. He will not be coming back. You need to accept that and move forward. Living in the past is not helping you or your kids. You state that you have moved on for the kids, but you have not. You can't move on for them and not yourself.....they are not separate. You are playing the "what if" game and that gets you no where. Face WHAT IS and deal with that.

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